Why I’m Running for Office

A big reason why I’m running is because I am passionate about more women being represented in public office. Women have a lot to contribute and should have a voice in government. For example, the County Board is considering creating breastfeeding rooms for nursing mothers in county buildings. The committee deciding on this issue is all male and likely does not have personal experience or insight into this issue. There currently are 6 women on the board out of 36 seats. Achieving gender parity on the board should a goal for Winnebago County.

I also believe more young people should be involved in government. Currently the majority of Winnebago County Board members are retired. While their experiences are valuable, working people and those with young families should also have a voice in decisions that impact them. If elected, I want to learn from experienced board members while encouraging other young people to run.

Organizations that endorse me include the Citizen’s Water Coalition, She Should Run, Fox Valley Area Labor Council, and the Northeast WI Building & Construction Trades Council.

While out knocking on doors and talking to voters, it’s clear that the people of Winnebago County are ready for change. I’m confident that together we can create a better community.