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Winnebago County Board


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About My Campaign

I grew up believing that there are no limits to what a person can achieve with effort and persistence. This philosophy has helped me overcome challenges. Life has also taught me that not everyone is given the same opportunities. I am running for office because I am ready to use my resilience to fight for you. Through this campaign, I hope to show that energy, compassion, and a fresh perspective can change the status quo. The Winnebago County Board is in need of more diversity, inclusiveness, and action. I can bring those things to the board.

This race is one of the only contested seats for county board supervisor. I am listening to you, my potential future constituents, to find out what is important to you. I pledge to fight for your interests if chosen to represent our district. With your support, we can create a brighter future for Neenah and Winnebago County.

What People are Saying about Stephanie Spellman

Stephanie Spellman is a brilliant woman I got to know during our Emerge training. She is a fine-tuned leader, dedicated to improving everyone’s lives. Definitely a candidate worth a second look, a donation, and your vote in Winnebago County.

Khrys KP Riley

Candidate, Wood County Board

I am so excited to support the candidacy of Stephanie Spellman for Winnebago County Board. Currently only 6 of 36 board seats are filled by women. She will be a breath of fresh air in Winnebago County leadership. Please give her your vote this spring!

Marianne Radley

Advocacy Manager, Reach Counseling in Neenah